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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You have how many sets of twins!!!

I get this reaction all the time when I tell people how many sets of twins I have in my family, and I'm pretty sure my siblings get the same reaction when they tell various people. Just to fill you guys in, I have three sets of twins in my family, and an older sister on top of that. What's unique is that we have a set of each kind: boy/boy, girl/girl and boy/girl. I never realized how big of a deal it was...until now.

You see, growing up, whenever my mom met someone new, it didn't matter what they were talking about, she would somehow find a way to inform the person that our family consisted of seven kids, including three sets of twins. Being the youngest of the seven, along with my twin brother, Ben, I was around most of the time when this happened. It got to the point where, whenever my mom started up a conversation with a new person, I would place bets with Ben on whether she brings up the twin topic. I'm pretty sure I won most of those bets.

To me, I didn't see why she always liked to bring it up. At first, you might think it's because she wants to brag. But if you ever meet her, or have met her, you'll know that's not my mom at all. She did it, and still does, because she has so much love for her family. We are her love and joy, and she tells people of us because she is proud of us. The consistency of my mom in telling our story to others has helped me realize the love my family has had for each other.

Everyone knows that family is the most important thing in the world to an individual. Being able to grow up with six other siblings and a loving mother was truly a blessing. You see, I was only eight years old when my dad passed away. My mother and siblings did all they could to help show me the ropes in life and help me grow into the man I am today. That is family love at its fullest.

My siblings and mom have continued to be there for me, and we've all continued to be there for each other. Now when I meet someone new, I have grown into the habit of telling him or her about my family and how many sets of twins I have. It's not to brag, but to express the love I have for my family...just like my mom did.

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