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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau & Battle: Los Angeles are Worth the Trip

I feel it's an appropriate time to blog about something that doesn't involve solely social media. And as an avid movie fan, I couldn't think of a better topic.

I have been called a movie addict by many friends and by my family. I have a knack for seeing a movie and then quoting it for the rest of the night upon returning home. But now at college, I have found it difficult to find time to head to the movies with friends and family because everyone is busy. This has resulted in me not seeing nearly as many movies as I have had my heart set on. Thus, I have opened a Netflix account and watch movies when I can.

While Netflix is great (I will undoubtedly continue to use it), there is nothing like seeing a movie in the theater. These past two weekends, I have had the luxury of returning to the cinema to see two great movies that were at the top of my "to-see list." First, last weekend, I saw The Adjustment Bureau with a few of my siblings and in-law.


It's a movie about a group of people that control the fates of mankind, and how a couple in love has to fight for their right to be together. It's a great thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. While I thought it was a bit short and could have been a little bit more daring, it's a movie that I would highly recommend.

Tonight, I had the luxury of seeing Battle: Los Angeles with my stepdad.


For the past few months, I have had my heart set on seeing this movie and have been looking forward to it. However, within the past few weeks, I have read some harsh and negative reviews about it. It made me question if it would be worth seeing. But when my stepdad asked if I wanted to go see it with him, I jumped at the opportunity. And I must say, I'm glad I did. Battle: Los Angeles is about an alien invasion unlike any other seen before on camera. I won't give much away about the movie because it's something that's definitely worth seeing. The special effects, graphics, and musical score are incredible. All of these aspects worked together to create a very enjoyable movie that had me biting my fingernails until the very end. I highly recommend this movie.

There you have it. Two movies I highly recommend. And while it was fun seeing these movies, I have a lot more on my "to-see list" that I have to start finding time for.

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