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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank You Marquette...For Everything

It's late Sunday night as I sit here on my couch watching sports. And then it suddenly hit me...I'm going to be graduating in less than two months. I know it's an overly-used cliche, but it's amazing how time flies by when you're having fun. It feels like just yesterday I was stepping into my freshman dorm room at McCormick hall on Marquette University's campus, anxiously waiting to meet my freshman roommate for the first time while trying to console my mother who was on the verge of tears. Hanging up on a bulletin board in my room is a picture of my twin brother Ben and I with our mom, standing right outside my dorm room. It's amazing to look at that picture and see the long way that I have come in the past 4 years...

I have had the pleasure to meet many new people, make many new friends, and create many fond memories that I will carry with me forever. Who knew that I could have so much fun on such a small campus in such a wonderful city.

In the end of May, Ben and I will be the last of our siblings to graduate from Marquette University. Our other 5 siblings, which includes 2 other sets of twins, all had the pleasure of graduating from this fine establishment. However, Ben and I will be the only set of twins to graduate at the same time, which is such a wonderful way for our family's presence at this University to come to an least until our own children reach college.

I guess what I wanted to share with you in this blog is my appreciation towards Marquette University. People say that college is the best 4 years of your life. As I approach the last couple months of my 4-year stay here at Marquette, I couldn't agree more with that statement. So thank you Marquette for everything that you have helped me to experience these past 4 years, I will never forget it. Now, on to the hectic job search.....


  1. Totally agree with the post, even though the 4 years have gone way too fast. Gotta live it up in the last two months.

  2. Definitely think it has gone by way too fast. At the same time I'm looking forward to a break from school and nonsense classes. I have to admit I made the right choice coming to Marquette as did many other graduating seniors I've talked to.

    Congrats on your graduation! Can't wait for Senior Week.

  3. I know four years has gone by so fast. I have so many great memories about Marquette and I know I made a right choice coming here. This is a great post, I can't believe all of your siblings went to Marquette. One more month until graduation I can't wait!