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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ted Davis: Bucks Announcer on Social Media

With Twitter (and the rest of the social networking world) becoming so prevalent all around the world, it has become a major component of success for businesses. The same holds true for professional sports teams. Many organizations simply hand the team's social media controls over to the marketing department (or create a social media department) whose sole job is to develop effective social media strategies to engage with fans and increase revenue in creative ways. But a lot of times, it's the people within a sports organization who "aren't" expected to be tweeting that are the ones who are effectively engaging with fans. One such man is Ted Davis, the radio announcer for the Milwaukee Bucks.

A recent newcomer to Twitter, Ted has made it clear that fan interaction is a major reason for his decision to join the major social networking platform. "What is it that he does?" you may ask. It's simple. Before every game, Ted reminds Bucks fans on Twitter that they can tweet him a question and he will look to answer it during the game on the air. It's not a "big" idea that people are going to say WOW! at, but it's an effective idea that Bucks fans are flocking to. Hundreds of fans tweet a question at Ted during the game, and he does his best to answer as many as he can.

This is the type of interaction that fans are looking for. Not just tweets or Facebook posts that highlight deals and leave no room for communication between a team and its fans. But instead, interaction where fans and a team are actually conversing with one another.

The reason I wanted to highlight Ted Davis is to show that it's not just the marketing/Social Media department that can be effective on social media for a's other people within the organization that can as well. Ted Davis is just one of those people, and as a Bucks fan, I can tell you he's doing great.

You can follow Ted Davis on Twitter at the handle @nbated

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